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ACO Eyeleds (1)

Integrated light

ACO EYELEDS is a combined domestic surface water drainage and lighting system for use in pedestrian and light vehicle applications such as patios, drive ways, and private parking areas.

ACO EYELEDS is a complete composite grating with integrated lightning.The grating is suitable for ACO Multiline and ACO Multiline PP.

The solution is quick and easy to install, and channel assemblies can be simply clipped together to extend the run of the channel lighting system.

The mounting consists only of the connection of the finished cables to the supplied transformer. Electricians are not needed.

ACO EYELED channel assembly consists of a 1m drainage channel and two 500mm ACO Eyeled gratings fitted with an LED light, which is available in white or blue.
Alternatively, a standard 500mm grating can be fitted to extend the gap between the lights.


High performance
The high performance LED lights are sealed against the ingress of water and offer long working life of approx 100,000 hours ( Aprox 11,5 years).

During this time the intensity of the light remains constant. The nominal voltage of the system is 12V DC and each LED light is rated at 0.3W.
Up to 40 LED-lights can be connected to a 12 V transformer. 


The ACO Eyeled grating comes complete with a cable tail and M12 watertight connection, and meets IP 67 protection class.Channels and gratings are manufactured from high strength black recycled polypropylene, which is a lightweight, robust material.





Standard colours
Eyeleds Eyeleds
Heelguard with white spotlights
Heelguard with blue spotlights

Mounting principle 

For 2,5 m ACO Multiline channel with 5 ACO EYELEDS the following components are needed:

  • 2 pcs. 1000 mm channels
  • 1 pc. 500 mm channel
  • 5 pcs. 1000 mm ACO EYELED Composite gratings
  • 1 pc. 12V Transformer
  • 4 pcs. Split cables 30/30
  • 2 pcs. end caps
Eyeleds installation

Accesories Ref no.
Plug Eyeleds -Outdoor -Pro -Connection -plug -


  • 3.5 m secondary cabel +1.2m net cabel


Eyeleds -Outdoor -Pro -Plug -+-Driver -

Splitter cabel

  • 30/30 or 60/60cm to connect LED-lamps


Eyeleds -Outdoor -Pro -T-Splitter -

Splitter cabel

  • 30/150 cm 
Eyeleds -Outdoor -Pro -T-splitter -Extended  

Extension cabel

  • 2m or 5m
Eyeleds -Outdoor -Pro -Extension -
Endcap / Sealing for plug Endkappe -