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ACO Sideline

Novel light effects and safety on paths and squares

ACO SIDELINE is a harmonic alliance between discrete drainage and unique LED-lightning technology.

The efficient and discrete ACO Brickslot drainage channel integrated with LED lights, in all ways offers an increased  sense of safety whether applied on paths, squares, parks or gardens. Furthermore the line-like light-traces highlights the character of modern architecture.

As standard ACO SIDELINE is available with blue or white light, but also provides the possibility of RGB-technique with different colours, gradients, color change to create dynamic light scenes.

A user-friendly control solution allows the creation of both small applications and up to large complex  integration in automated building systems. 

•Suitable for ACO Multiline and ACO Xtradrain
•Suitable for applications up to load class C 250



•Slot frames are made of stainless steel
•Decorative LED Lightelement  has a lifetime up to aprox 70.000 operation hours
•Light is fully sealed into the ground
•The IP67 energy efficient LED lamps are highly durable and maintenance free
•Width of the ligths: 29 mm 
•Lamps can be changed without having to move the bearing construction
•Electrician must be used for correct installation
•White and blue Monochrom colours as standard
•Matt optik
•All kinds of RGB colours, mixing colours, changing colours, colour effects can be developed on request.
•Available in 500 mm and 1000 mm length
•Easy acces to the cables and cleaning via inspection unit






ACO SIDELINE Monochrom and RGB colours offers the possibility of individuel colours and specialeffects.







Ligth blue


För 2,5 m ACO Multiline markränna med 5 st ACO Eyeledsåtgörföljande komponenter:

2 strännor 1000 mm
1 stränna 500 mm
5 st Kompositgaller med monterade ACO Eyeleds
1 stTrafo 12 V
4 stslitter 30/30
2 stränngavlar


Eyeleds installation


Extension cable


Eyeleds -Outdoor -Pro -Connection -plug -
Safety cuff Eyeleds -Outdoor -Pro -Plug -+-Driver -

Supply unit

( IP 66, RGB and monochrom

Eyeleds -Outdoor -Pro -T-Splitter -

Adapter cable

(connection from supply unit and LEDTRIX Sequenzer VARIO)

Eyeleds -Outdoor -Pro -Extension -